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   Gerald Scheidl

New community page June, 30, 2001

Thanks to Lars Weitze (ChromeDemon) we now have a "community page", which will probably replace this one. It's really smart, so register your account today :-)

3Dsia PHP-Nuke site

Also, join us on IRC, #3Dsia on irc.openprojects.net

6th Developer Meeting in Cologne January, 16, 2001

The 6th developer meeting is this time hosted by Lars Weitze in Cologne. Date's are Saturday, 17. February to Sunday, 18. February. For all those of you who can't attend we will provide the possibility to join us via IRC at #3Dsia on irc.sourceforge.net. Additionally, there will even be Live MP3 Streams, thanks to Lars ! :-)

We're not dead yet ! January, 6, 2001

After one year of existance, we learned much about how and how not to implement a complex system like 3Dsia tries to reach.
Okay, currently there's not much to see, but I'm sure this will change soon };-)=)
And this is this message all about: I'd like to tell you that I'm working on it (the source), on a nearly daily basis right now, but I could need a helping hand. So if anyone of you, no matter how good or bad your programming skills are, can be the one to give me that hand !
So, if you like to contribute, please leave a mail on our list or just send me a nice mail :-)
5th Developer Meeting in Vienna August 21, 2000

From the 21st to 25th August the 5th Developer Meeting will be held again in Vienna.
We will work out the new concepts based on the ideas developed on the 4th meeting two weeks ago.
So far Marc, Beef and Xandi will attend the meeting. If you are close, come too if you like.

4th Developer Meeting in Vienna June 04, 2000

The main topic of the 4th Dev-Meeting is the reconstruction of the whole system. Participants are Manfred (creator of the ODB), Beef and Xandi.
Clean up June 30, 2000

Now we started with the cleanup and the clean reimplementation of many features. Thus the two applications "3D Online Shop" and "3D SlideShow Presentator" won't work for a while now, as they rely on some client-side features which do not exist now anymore.

Furthermore we designed a new plugin-system, so all plugins will need a tiny adjustation in order to work again.

3Dsia now independent June 23, 2000

Since 21th of June, 3Dsia is no longer a school-project. Now we are no longer forced to keep in a rigid timetable. If something is not implemented at a time when it should had been - who cares :)
So now we will no longer make quick&dirty hacks, but write well structured and clean code. This also includes that some features will be removed and implemented in a clean way in the next weeks.

New Section: Features! June 12, 2000

Check out the new "Features" Section.
At the moment you can find various server-frontend-plugins, client output and device plugins, tools and applications.
Have a look at the new Avatar-Handling tools by Alekis!

New Tool May 16, 2000

Two good news at one day, oh wow !
We are happy to announce our newest baby, the first tool to convert a third-party 3D format to our our native (and primitive ;-) *.avatar file format.
On the CVS you'll find another sub-directory in the 3Dsia module, called 'tools'. Guess what this is for :-)=) I wrote a very simple program to convert from AC3D 'inventor'-files (*.iv) to our avatar-files, so get ready, load AC3D (see end of message) and design your models !
The only bitter thing is that AC3D is $hareWare, so you won't be able to save unless you register, but you can export to 'inventor'... well, at least it's better than nothing :-)

For further infos, look here.

New Screenshots May 16, 2000

At the last Meeting in 3Dsia we made some group-photos ;)
As you can see there are lots of corpses lying around, ignore them please.
You will also see that we are still in pre-pre-pre-alpha, so there is yet a long way to go; See the previous news-entry :)
Further you will notice that the avatars are all looking into one direction - that is due to the lack of vector-movements, which are built in right now (hopefully we'll have that soon)
Check out the new gallery section.

Looking for contributors! May 15, 2000

The 3Dsia Project needs your help!
There are several things to do ranging from a new Homepage-Design (for www.3Dsia.org) to helping coding various 3Dsia features.
If you are interested, you are highly welcome to join the 3Dsia Team.
Drop us a mail, or join us on #3Dsia on irc.openprojects.net .
Doxygen Documentation May 09, 2000

We now make use of the doxygen software to comment our sourcecode. If you are interested in adding new features to 3Dsia, be sure to check out the new Sourcecode-Documentation Section.
New 3Dsia Logo Proposals May 05, 2000

Lars (CromeDemon) has designed some logos for 3Dsia.
Have a look at them here

CHAT! April 25, 2000

Finally the chatfeatures are included, and we can have a multiuser chat.
You can already design your own avatars (you still have to do that with the text-file, but never mind, a DXF->3DsiaBinary and XML->3DsiaBinary will come soon!)
Check out the source from the CVS and get to #3Dsia at irc.openprojects.net if you want to connect to one of our 3Dsia Servers!

And start to design your avatar! :)

Impressions of the 3rd Developer Meeting in Munich April 19, 2000

The Developer Meeting was really a big success! But it was again such a short time.. just 4 days!
We had lots of fun and talked about lots of very interesting things. We had many positive argues about
what the first system shall look like, created specifications and so on..
I think everybody of us was able to learn something new.

The group photo will be put onto the homepage when developed and scanned in :)

3rd Developer Meeting in Munich April 2, 2000

The 3rd developer meeting will be held again in Munich in Marcs House on 15.04.00.

This time we are quite many:

Marc (stonedbones)
Lars (Cromedemon)
Beef (beef)
Joachim (Rentar)
Jan (jan)
Xandi ( xandi )

Impressions and Results of this meeting will be posted here..
2nd Developer Meeting in Munich March 19, 2000

The developer meeting in Munich was a very interesting time, and all of us were able to learn something. We (Marc, Manfred, Jan and Xandi) had lots of fun as well.
Other impressions here
First Developer Meeting in Vienna Jan 30, 2000

We have had a great time at the developer meeting in Vienna.
Participants where Marc Haisenko (Stonedbones) coming the long way from Munich, his Girlfriend Regina, Gerald Scheidl (Slowhand) and Alexander Feder (Xandi) who hosted the meeting.
3Dsia sources on CVS Jan 04, 2000

The 3Dsia Sourcefiles are now on CVS.

New developers Jan 03, 2000

We are happy to be able to welcome two new developers in our team:
  • Marc Haisenko
  • Paul Musgrave

Prototype available Dec 23, 1999

The prototype is now available for download!
Download prototype (24k)

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